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After an amazing 2011, I’m so excited to see the wonderfulness that I know 2012 will hold for us.  We have GREAT new ideas and products coming to M. Lynne Designs this year–we just got back from Market, and I seriously cannot wait for all of you to experience the new and fabulous items coming in(more details on that in a bit).

After carefully planning our trip to Market, my mom, Shelley, and I set off to Dallas for the week, to choose those perfect touches that I’m sure each of you will love.  Shelley and I worked so hard all week to make sure we would be bringing back unique items-we’re even adding more parties and personalization items to the shop this year!  Be sure to check back in frequently, I’ll let you know as soon as these items get here.

Day 1, energized and excited!

 I think over the course of the entire week, we probably logged more miles than we actually drove. (that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but it sure felt like it!  It probably didn’t help that my super cute new shoes weren’t exactly worn in…so on day two, I brought out the tennis shoes–probably not my best look but hey, my feet felt tons better.

cute-but-not-so-worn-in shoes
comfy-but-rediculous-with-my-outfit shoes
Part of the greatness of the first day was this telephone looking machine-after my order was placed (fabulous new cookbooks are coming this way, get excited!) I got to hop inside and try to grab discounts for all of you!  I had 30 seconds to pick as many slips of paper up as possible; the only trick was, there was a fan blowing all the slips around, AND I had to wear an oven mitt on one hand.  Sounds easy, right?  It’s a lot harder than it looks!  And a little intense.  

After all was said and done, I was able to bring back many new items at a discounted price to all of my fabulous customers!
Day two, the tennis shoe day, if you will, was very productive as well.  New cards are coming, as well as some amazing new lamps.  When we walked into Market on the second day, I just had to snap a pic of this window display–we definitely felt like it was ‘go time!’
it’s go-time!

 As you can see, Market Center was bustling with activity; everywhere you turned there were people on a mission!

starting to look a wee-bit worn out…

 Day three of Market was about as hectic as day one and two, but Shelley and I were starting to wear down-luckily, this little (or should I say big?) guy was outside, waiting to cheer us up!  Owls are SO popular this year, we saw them everywhere!!  I have so many cute owl items coming in…most people think I was a Chi Omega because I carry owl items, but for the record, I’m a Theta :-).

Day three also brought many new additions that will be gracing our doors this year.  Shelley and I went to a personalization workshop, where we learned so many new techniques that we will be applying this year.  Picture frames, kitchen accessories, bags, ornaments, clipboards, and our popular enamel boards…plus many new items as well!  Personalized items such as these make perfect and one-of-a-kind birthday, graduation, wedding, even sorority gifts!  Who doesn’t like their name on something?  I know I sure do!                                                                                

Another item I’m SO excited about carrying are these fabulous goodies:                                                          

           CASSEROLE & PIE/CAKE CARRIERS!!       and guess what!?  

we can even personalize these for you, too!
Vonny & I
I was fortunate enough to meet the designer and her husband-together, they’re launching this new product that’s really making headlines!                                      

This guy is also new…he comes in a few different colors as well–doesn’t he just make you chuckle?

 And this cute cross comes in assorted colors as well, I just love how the flower pops!

 Unfortunately, by the end of day three, Shelley and I both slightly resembled something that was run over by a mac truck, so I’ll save us both and just let you imagine.

 On day four, we were finally able to start a little bit later in the day, so thanks to a long, good night of sleep, we were able to hit the ground running.  We were able to find a couple last minute items that we needed, and we hit the road back home.  Be sure to come in soon, to see our new items that I just know you’re going to fall in love with.

Check back in soon, I’ll try to update this new blog weekly, showcasing furniture pieces I’m working on, new items that just arrived, or…anything else I think of really :-).  


yes, we can personalize these, too!

we also have new books coming in!
Thanks for stopping by, come see me again soon!  
M. Lynne Designs is a BBB Accredited Gift Shop in Wichita Falls, TX
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