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shine on with ShineLife

You guys. If you haven’t been in lately or you’ve missed some of our recent stories or posts, you probably haven’t seen one of our newest collections to hit the floor. I am SO thrilled to be carrying the most amazing jewelry line, called ShineLife.

Strangely enough, I stumbled upon this line last year, as I was searching for the perfect Christmas gift for my mother-in-law. I came across a sweet necklace-three little birds sitting on a perch-in a cute little gift box with the words “every little thing is gonna be alright.” written across the middle of the box. This was THE perfect gift! You see, my MIL had just lost her oldest sister to cancer, and this Bob Marley song was her sister’s mantra. To make it even more perfect, my MIL is the youngest of her two sisters….so literally everything about this necklace was so so perfect.

When we went to Market at the beginning of this year, I happened to see the ShineLife booth in one of the showrooms. We went over, and I just asked the super nice lady there to tell me more about this company, and explained to her that I had just gifted one of their pieces to someone for Christmas. We found out that this super nice and cheery woman was Hilary, the owner and creator of ShineLife.

As she described the pieces they made and the story behind each individual piece, as well as the story of how her company started, I just knew that we had to carry these pieces in store. Hilary described the miscarriages that she and her husband had endured and how she knew that God was going to use her pain for something more. As she says, “At one point, I felt that a piece of jewelry to hold on to would help me stay focused on God’s promises, and also allow me to remember and celebrate our son. I had a special angel wing design in mind – something discreet to the world but powerful for me. I didn’t want “some charm necklace” off a rack at a store. I wanted to make it – pray and process over it.  That little wing necklace was instrumental in my healing … and it was noticed by friends. And friends of friends. And friends of friends of friends. I quickly realized that there were so many mamas that understood my loss, and also craved a piece of jewelry to hold and to help them through that same journey of miscarriage and hope for the future. For them, it was powerful and special knowing that the mama making their piece truly understands what they are going through, and is passionate about pouring prayers into their memorial necklace.”

I mean—-right!? Today, Hilary and her husband have four adorable little ones, and they are continuing to follow His guidance as they design jewelry pieces that are meant to “encourage, inspire, commemorate and celebrate” along the way.

Each piece truly speaks to your heart, and I was amazed at how certain pieces really tugged at my heartstrings.

I hope you’ll stop in soon to see these amazing pieces for yourself—who knows, one might just speak to your heart in a way you didn’t know you needed.


M. Lynne Designs is a BBB Accredited Gift Shop in Wichita Falls, TX
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